Below are my answers to a questionnaire provided by The Daily World;


Kyle Pauley


KXRO Newsradio, Program Director/Morning Show Host

Relevant experience:

Cosmopolis City Council 2015-Present, Grays Harbor #52 Free & Accepted Masons 2015-Present, Miss Grays Harbor Scholarship Organization Board 2001-Present, Hoquiam Business Association Board/Past President 2013-2019, Coastal Harvest Board/Past Vice-President 2013-2019


  1. What are your views on the proposed construction of a new City Hall/Police Department/Court building for the city?

The Cosmopolis Police Department has been using a temporary building that was intended to be a short-term fix since 2006. It is past time for a facility that meets their needs. With the bond for the fire station now paid off, it makes sense now more than ever to bring our other offices up to par. With City Hall being located inside a former bank building with a singular office space and the Cosmopolis Court now located inside a side room at the fire station, this new building would meet numerous goals and assist every Cosmopolis department.

As a homeowner I have the same concerns as others about another tax, but seeing the initial figures it is a small price to pay per resident to ensure the City is prepared for future administrations and generations of Cosi residents.

  1. What are your ideas for addressing infrastructure issues in Cosmopolis (streets, sidewalks, city staffing, etc.)?

As a small city, funding options to maintain and upgrade our numerous transportation project needs is a slow process. Sidewalks and other projects are in need of repair. I feel that by utilizing options on the state level would bring new opportunities to speed up the process. A Transportation District such as Aberdeen’s is out of the question, and additional taxes to residents would be a last resort. We have options, and leveraging regional legislators and content experts is where the work should begin.

As for staffing levels, we had a rough time across the City when Weyerhaeuser left, but we have rebounded. Currently we are at full Police staffing and have excellent staff in the Public Works/Finance departments. The Volunteer Fire Department is growing, but there is room for more. I plan to maintain and encourage the continued momentum in every department.

  1. What would you consider to be the most pressing issue facing the next Mayor of Cosmopolis?

It is my opinion that bringing Cosmopolis into the present day is by far the most important issue and one that could be done using incremental steps. This can be done on a number of fronts including the previously stated issues. I plan to implement project management software to bring greater oversight to projects in all departments.

I also feel that continuing to update City procedures and software in numerous departments would create a more streamlined operation and allow for staff to worry about the future instead of being backlogged at every step.