Did you know that Cosmopolis has more parks per capita than any other city in Grays Harbor by a large margin? 

For every 275 people in Cosmopolis, there is a city park nearby.

These figures do not include the boat launch location, which has been a goal of numerous officials, including myself, to bring into city control in the future.

For reference, it would take the City of Aberdeen having 60+ parks to get close to the same figure and while Seattle features 485 parks currently, it would take 2250 to match Cosi.

My intent is to use this asset more effectively by enhancing and promoting the green spaces that Cosi residents already have access to. As with parks in any city, funding is limited, but using local resources, online assets, and cost-saving measures – funding options that don’t require new taxes or obtrusive fees – we can increase public cognizance.



City Parks 2010 Population Ratio
Aberdeen 16 16,896 1 park per 1056 residents
Hoquiam 13 8,726 1 park per 671 residents
Cosmopolis 6 1,649 1 park per 275 residents
Montesano 5 3,976 1 park per 795 residents
Elma 2 3,107 1 park per 1554 residents
McCleary 3 1,653 1 park per 551 residents
Oakville 1 684 1 park per 684 residents
Ocean Shores 5 5,569 1 park per 1114 residents
Westport 3 2,099 1 park per 700 residents
Seattle 485 608,660 1 park per 1255 residents

*Figures based on online resources and conversations with local cities, and based off of U.S. Census data from 2010.