As Mayor of Cosmopolis, I will do a number of things.

First and foremost will be to ensure the continued forward growth of the city, its procedures, and the policies that drive it. This will be done through ongoing optimization of the current processes and the implementation of best practices where appropriate.

I will modernize the current Cosmopolis Municipal Code to ensure that the city is not being governed by outdated or inefficient rules that do not apply to the citizens or current times.

I will continue to pursue updates to city infrastructure.

Utilizing state and other resources, I will look to increase accessibility to the Cosmopolis boat launch in an effort to afford greater opportunities to use the Chehalis River that runs through the city limits. This could include installing boat launching updates or access points that could be used by any resident or visitor.

I will work to bring the Cosmopolis Police Department out of a temporary facility and into a proper structure that better suits the needs to enforce laws within our city.

I will work with the Cosmopolis Fire Department to make sure the safety of both our citizens and our volunteers are properly sufficient and equipment is updated as frequently as possible.

I will continue to support and encourage the development of the downtown business district. Over the past 5 years we have seen additions to our downtown and greater use of the facilities already in place, as well as construction of new buildings. This was a campaign goal as a council member and will continue to be a goal, albeit with greater intensity and access.

I will promote our city and highlight its features through online and other advertising. There is no reason why our parks are not being fully utilized by a greater number of the thousands of regular cars that move through the 101 corridor. This would be done through proper signage and marketing and aggressive updates on the grounds.

These are my promises.

I have the knowledge, I have the experience, I have the drive, and I have over a decade of experience researching local government and creating relationships within our community that will allow me to be a strong representative for Cosmopolis in any discussion.

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