Kyle Pauley is currently a Cosmopolis City Councilman in Position #1 and has served since appointed to fill the remainder of Frank Chestnut’s term in 2015. Elected by voters in 2015 to a 4 year term.

Professionally, Kyle is the Morning Show Host/Program Director for the KXRO Morning Show and has been involved in local radio since 2001.

Born and raised in Wishkah, Kyle is a lifelong Harborite. Living in Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Montesano during his adult life, Kyle moved to Cosmopolis in 2008 and plans to remain there.

After graduating from Wishkah Valley High School, he attended Grays Harbor College, obtaining his Associate of Arts degree. During college, he had the opportunity to intern at Grays Harbor Radio where he has remained in various capacities since 2001. Now that GHC has Bachelor programs, he chose to return to obtain his Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Management with the sole intent of becoming a better leader and learning valuable skills. 

In his adult life, Kyle has held numerous leadership positions through local nonprofits and community groups, as well as served on committees and other roles to better our area.

Since his time covering local politics through KXRO it has been an intent to pursue local office as a way to assist the local community.

“I strive on a regular basis to make Grays Harbor better through my actions, and I feel that by being Mayor I would have a greater chance at doing that.”

Through work and community outreach Kyle has already created relationships with local leaders, community members, and state legislators and with these connections and the experience to do this job, now is the time to elect Kyle as Mayor of Cosmopolis.

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